About our research areas

Biomedical research leads to a better understanding of health and the biomedical sciences, new standards of care and innovative treatments for disease. Informatics research seeks to apply informatics, data analytics and innovations in technology development and system sciences to drive improved health care delivery, quality, effectiveness, access and outcomes.

Students have the opportunity to collaborate with faculty researchers who are exploring basic, clinical and applied research frontiers throughout the biomedical, clinical and population health and information sciences fields.

Our primary research areas focus on:

  • Bioinformatics & Computational Biology
  • Clinical Informatics
  • Clinical Business Intelligence
  • Health Information Management
  • Public Health Informatics

Externally Funded Projects

This is an evolving list of selected, externally-funded research projects led by faculty in the BioHealth Informatics Department. Potential collaborators, faculty, and students at all levels are encouraged to contact the investigators to know more about the projects and explore research collaboration opportunities to get involved.

Molecular Genetics of Hereditary Endoplasmic Reticulum Diabetes

Funding Source: National Institutes of Health (2022)
Principal Investigator: Bohdan B Khomtchouk

Real time high-throughput cost-effective sequencing platform for 2019-nCOV detection and genotyping

Funding Source: INDO-US SCI TECH FORUM (2021)
Principal Investigator: Sarath Chandra Janga

Transcriptome wide mapping of RNA-protein interactions in hepatic cells to dissect the role of post-transcriptional mechanisms in fatty liver disease

Funding Source: ELI LILLY & CO (2021)
Principal Investigator: Sarath Chandra Janga

Design and Analytic Support, Indiana Volunteer Workforce Solutions, Phase I

Funding Source: INTL ASSN FIRE CHIEFS (2021)
Principal Investigator: Gary Dee Schwebach

HeartShare DeCODE-HF: Data translation center to Combine Omics, Deep phenotyping, and Electronic health records for Heart Failure subtypes and treatment targets

Funding Source: National Institutes of Health (2021)
Co-Investigator: Bohdan B Khomtchouk

CAREER: Computational strategies for incompleteness and heterogeneity in multi-omic data

Funding Source: National Science Foundation (2021)
Principal Investigator: Jingwen Yan

Monoalleleic autosomal spreading of a novel family of nucleolus-localized ncRNAs

Funding Source: UNIV IL URBANA-CHAM (2020)
Principal Investigator: Sarath Chandra Janga

Effective Industry and Academic Engagement Features and Processes

Funding Source: IND BIOSCI RES INST (2020)
Principal Investigator: Gary Dee Schwebach

Gene co-expression underlying the connectomic alterations in Alzheimer’s disease

Funding Source: National Institutes of Health (2020)
Principal Investigator: Jingwen Yan

FW-HTF-RM: Measuring learning gains in man-machine assemblage when augmenting radiology work with artificial intelligence

Funding Source: National Science Foundation (2020)
Principal Investigator: Saptarshi Purkayastha

EAGER: Algorithmic frameworks and resources for mapping RNA modifications from single molecule direct RNA-sequencing data

Funding Source: National Science Foundation (2020)
Principal Investigator: Sarath Chandra Janga

Mapping RNA protein interaction networks in the human genome

Funding Source: National Institutes of Health (2018)
Principal Investigator: Sarath Chandra Janga

Computational Methods to Mine Multi-omic Data for Systems Biology of Complex Diseases

Funding Source: National Science Foundation (2018)
Principal Investigator: Jingwen Yan

RNA Rustbelt Meeting 2017

Funding Source: National Science Foundation (2017)
Principal Investigator: Sarath Chandra Janga

Implementation of the Telemedicine system in Bhutan

Funding Source: WORLD HEALTH ORG (2016)
Principal Investigator: Saptarshi Purkayastha

Iraq Bioscience Fellowship Program, Mohammed Omar Baba Sheik

Funding Source: CRDF (2015)
Principal Investigator: Sarath Chandra Janga

Uncovering the bacterial contribution and their interplay during rhinovirus infection in asthma patients, through a genomics guided integrated network-based approach

Funding Source: UNIV OF WISCONSIN (2015)
Principal Investigator: Sarath Chandra Janga

Bench Fee in Support of Fellow

Funding Source: INDIAN CNCL AGR RSCH (2014)
Principal Investigator: Sarath Chandra Janga