Change or Declare your Major

Change your Major

If you are an IU Indianapolis student and would like to pursue one of our degrees, please schedule an appointment to speak with one of our advisors who can help evaluate your situation and guide you through the process.

If you are a student who has applied to IU Indy and would like to change the major listed on your application to one offered by us, you can update your application using your student ID number.

Certify into the Luddy Indianapolis from University College

To certify into the Luddy Indianapolis from University College, you will need to have achieved the following:

  • 2.5 GPA
  • 12 credits of completed coursework
  • A grade of C- or higher in:
    • AIS-I 100 for Artificial Intelligence majors
    • INFO-B 101 or INFO-I 201 for Biomedical Informatics (all specializations)
    • CSCI-C 200 for Computer Science (B.A. and B.S.) majors
    • LIS-S 201 for Data Science majors (both specializations)
    • HIM-M 108 for Health Information Management majors
    • INFO-I 101 for Informatics majors
    • NEWM-N 100 for Media Arts and Science majors

Certification Process

Make sure your major is listed as pre-Applied Data and Information Science, pre-Biomedical Informatics, pre-Health Information Management, pre-Informatics, or pre-Media Arts and Sciences with your University College advisor.

You will automatically be reviewed each semester after final grades post.

If you meet the eligibility requirements, your academic advisor in the Luddy Indianapolis will be email you regarding your acceptance into the school.