Virtual Production Undergraduate Certificate

A focus on filmmaking

Virtual production empowers filmmakers, actors, and animators across multiple locations to collaborate in real time. They create together by using software tools to combine live-action footage with computer-generated graphics.

Virtual production has become integral to filmmaking. Studios need talent with a solid understanding of this new field in digital cinema.

Gain in-demand skills by earning our undergraduate certificate in virtual production. You’ll learn the software and equipment used to create virtual sets and reactive backgrounds in real time.

The right time and place

Fueled by the pandemic, virtual production is coming into its own. Virtual production:

  • Reduces production costs and time
  • Enables greater creative visualization and collaboration
  • Allows virtual assets to be saved and re-used

Employers in marketing, film, broadcast, and music sectors want to hire people with strong virtual production skills. IU Indianapolis' central location in a burgeoning Midwest tech hub is ideal for virtual production, which isn’t tied to a fixed location.

We've got the gear

You’ll work with the same equipment as the pros to develop skills in 3D imaging and animation, sound, video, graphics, and special effects.

Apply credits towards B.S.

Many employers offer tuition reimbursement programs, which you can use to pursue a 4-year degree. If you decide to earn a bachelor’s degree in Media Arts and Science from our school, the classes from your Virtual Production Certificate will count toward it.


Careers in virtual production include:

  • SFX artists and animators
  • Producers, directors
  • Lighting, audio, and video techs
  • VFX pipeline developer
  • Motion control specialist
  • Engine technical director

Certificate Requirements

You earn our 18-credit-hour undergraduate certificate in virtual production by taking the following courses over two years:

Getting started

You can earn this as a stand-alone certificate, or as part of an undergraduate degree. To get started, you’ll need to be admitted to IU Indianapolis as an undergraduate student.

Current students

Contact your advisor to add this certificate to your major.

New students

You will need to apply to IU Indianapolis as an undergraduate student.