Computer Science

Take your expertise to a new level

Develop the technical proficiency employers are seeking and enhance your ability to craft innovative solutions to complex, real-world computing challenges.

Effectively collaborate with other experts to turn your ideas into reality when you earn our master’s degree in computer science. Increase your research options and job prospects, focusing on:

  • Project management
  • Communication
  • Analytical skills highly valued in the industry

The Luddy Indianapolis Master of Science degree in Computer Science is available beginning in fall 2024. Applications open August 1, 2023.


Earn your degree on-campus or with a combination of in-person and virtual classes.


Expand your skill set or strengthen your area of expertise by tailoring your degree to focus on what’s most important to you.


Individual courses will help to prepare students for industry certification.


Careers include some of the highest paid and fastest growing occupations:

  •  Computer and Information Research Scientist
  •  Computer System Analysts
  •  Data Scientist
  •  Information Security Analyst
  •  Human Factors Engineers and Ergonomists
  •  Machine Learning Engineers
  • Software Developers

FAQ for Purdue School of Science M.S. Computer Science teach out students

Advising for teach out students at Luddy Indianapolis will begin in the Spring as students begin to plan for Fall classes.

Cristina Arroyo is the graduate academic advisor for Computer Science students at Luddy. Her email is

You can schedule an appointment on the Student Appointment Scheduler (SAS).

Below are the research opportunities with Luddy CS Faculty:

  • Mohammad Al Hasan, Ph.D., Data Mining and Machine Learning
  • Arjan Durresi, Ph.D., Networking and Security Engineering
  • Shiaofen Fang, Ph.D., Imaging and Visualization
  • James Hill, Ph.D., Software Engineering
  • Qin Hu, Ph.D., Mobile Computing and Cybersecurity
  • Hyeju Jang, Ph.D., Natural Language Processing
  • Yao Liang, Ph.D., Networking and Internet of Things
  • Lingma Lu, M.S., Computer Science Education
  • Yuni Xia, Ph.D., Databases, Data Mining, and Machine Learning
  • Xukai Zou, Ph.D., Network and Information Security

Yes, you will remain an IU Indianapolis student even if you choose to receive a Purdue University degree (MS students only).

Absolutely! You are eligible for IU Indianapolis and Luddy Indianapolis jobs even if you chose a Purdue University degree.

You will still be listed as a School of Science student if you intend to pursue a Purdue University degree.

Yes. Students need to complete all the same forms in the Purdue database and candidacy course ($0/0cr) is still required. Students are still subject to Purdue deadlines and can incur Purdue late fee as well.

You will have access to the Luddy Indianapolis Career Services team.

Absolutely! We have 16 wonderful options.

Yes, you can. You are still an IU Indianapolis student.

Yes, more information can be found here.

Starting Fall 2024!

Absolutely not! As long as you make normal academic progress with acceptable grades, we will work with you to ensure on-time graduation. Previously approved plans of study will be honored as closely as possible with the courses offered by Luddy. Changes to Plan of Study may be needed to match new course numbers on the transcript starting Fall ‘24. Most courses will be the same course but with new numbering to follow the IU format.

Thesis student FAQ

If the plan of study is filed and has departmental approval in the Purdue system by July 1, the existing faculty will be used by Purdue to approve and grant a Purdue degree.

The Thesis/Project is available to highly motivated students ready to carry out publishable research. Students must prepare a prospectus and gain a commitment from a primary faculty advisor with research interests in computer science by the end of the first semester. By the end of the second semester, students must complete a course on research design and methods if indicated by the faculty advisor). The thesis or project must be completed in two semesters or in a semester and summer. Thesis students register for a total of 6 credits, and project students register for a total of 3–6 credits. Students must prepare and defend a research proposal with a timeline of deliverables in addition to the thesis or project.

International student FAQ

IU Indianapolis Office of International Affairs.

No, you will still be an IU Indianapolis student listed in the School of Science.

The Luddy Indianapolis Student Services team will support students through the CPT/OPT process also with the Office of International Affairs.

Degree requirements

The Computer Science M.S. program includes at least 30 credit hours of graduate coursework that can be completed in 1.5 years including a summer.


Mohammad Al Hasan

Professor, Computer Science

No photo

Spyridon Bakas

Adjunct Associate Professor of Computer Science

Arjan Durresi

Professor, Computer Science

Shiaofen Fang

Professor, Computer Science

James Hill

Professor, Computer Science

Qin Hu

Assistant Professor, Computer Science

Hyeju Jang

Assistant Professor, Computer Science

Yao Liang

Professor, Computer Science, Data Science

Lingma Lu

Teaching Professor, Computer Science

Yuni Xia

Associate Professor and Program Director, Computer Science

Xukai Zou

Professor, Computer Science