Summer Camp


Informatics and Communications Technology Complex
535 W. Michigan Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202

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Parking will be validated for visitors who park in the Gateway Garage (525 N Blackford Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202).


Monday, July 8 - Friday, July 12

Artificial Intelligence is essentially an extension of our computing ability and human evolution with technology and digital transformation. This workshop will help you examine the crucial and consequential relationship between AI and humans and use your imagination and creative instincts to explore the design and basic blueprints of combining AI with Human Intelligence (HI) in the co-creation of technology and relationships.

You will analyze scenarios of self-learning AI systems and assess some unintended risks of human interaction with potential future intelligent machines. You will also learn how to use an AI application architecture to adopt a Conversation-driven Development (CDD) model and the use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and dialogue management to build better AI assistants.

In this workshop, you will learn how to design conversation paths and training data and create, connect, and train your own software bots.

Instructor:Fawzi BenMessaoud

Are you enthralled by PlayStation 4 or Xbox One games? Do you have an idea for a gaming world that you want to bring to life?

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to become a beginning game developer! Using Unreal 4—the world's leading game engine that was used to create "Batman: Arkham Asylum," "Gears of War," and the "Final Fantasy 7" remake—you'll learn to create a fully playable, original 3-D world complete with lands, buildings, and all kinds of objects from the world of gaming. You won't need previous experience.

Students must be entering grade 10 or higher.

Instructor:Mathew Powers

In this camp, we'll dive right into the foundations of 2D Animation both narratively and visually–-a crash course in storytelling!

We’ll start with The Hero's Journey, giving you an understanding of how stories are structured and why they're structured that way. Then, we'll break down the 12 Principles of Animation and the Animation Pipeline to explore how those stories are built up visually. You’ll do all this by creating your own animated series concept. You’ll build it up from scratch and receive feedback, and you’ll leave this workshop with a fully realized property of your own, ready to present through comics, TV, or film.

Instructor:David Perry

On average, 99.9% of human DNA is common among all humans. What parts of the human genome are variable? How can 0.1% difference lead to different hair colors, eye colors, blood types, and all the other characteristics that make us all unique? How can we use computers to help answer these questions? In this summer camp, we'll examine these questions and more, as we harness the computing power of modern computers and dive into the world of human genetics. You won't need any previous programming or biology experience.

Instructor:Xander Krohannon

Monday, July 15 - Friday, July 19

Do you love creatures and aliens? Do you have a sketchbook full of original creations? Now you can bring them to life through technology!

You'll learn to draw, animate, and create a creature, alien or other characters to share with your friends and family—and how to use the Spore Creature Creator Engine. To help bring your creations to life, you'll study myths, legends, biology, and evolution—and how your creatures fit into video games, comic books, movies, and more. You'll also explore the creation of Pokémon and its worldwide success.

Instructor:Mathew Powers

Attention aspiring filmmakers and creative minds! Join our exciting workshop for students who love the idea of making movies. You don’t need to have experience to join us. Dive into hands-on activities, from mastering cool camera tricks to creating awesome stories. Discover the secrets of video, sound and lighting and make friends who share your passion. Get ready for a super fun week of learning and unleashing your creativity – the perfect start to your journey as a young visual storyteller!

Instructor:Rodney Smith

The internet is all around us - it's on your computer, your phone, and even your TV. Imagine visiting your favorite website on different devices; notice how it adjusts to each one, providing a unique and user-friendly experience.

In this workshop, you'll get hands-on experience building a website that does just that! Using HTML, CSS, and a touch of JavaScript, you'll create your very own website that adapts seamlessly to various devices. Get ready to dive into the world of web design and make something awesome!

Instructor:Carrie Rector