Data Science Ph.D.

A dynamic data science environment

Graduates of our program—the first of its kind in both Indiana and the Big Ten—develop the skills to make pioneering research contributions to data science theory and practice in academic and the industrial sectors.

Our students acquire the skills to develop inventive and creative solutions to data research problems—solutions that demonstrate a high degree of intellectual merit and the potential for broader impact. The Ph.D. curriculum also prepares students to make research contributions that advance the theory and practice of data science.

A leader in data science research

The Data Science Ph.D. Program at IU Indianapolis provides a world-class education and research opportunities. Ph.D. students in the program learn fundamental Data Science methods while pursuing independent, original research in a broad variety of topics, including:

  • Novel techniques for Natural Language Processing and Text Analytics.
  • Applications of AI to social welfare, digital governance, cultural heritage, biomedical sciences, and environmental sustainability.
  • Intelligent conversational agents and models of Human-AI collaboration.
  • Data Visualization and Human-Data Interaction.