Artificial Intelligence Certificate

What do you know about AI?

Artificial intelligence is part of our lives—the devices we use, the homes we live in, the places we work and play. Whether we’re online to shop, or apply for a job … getting something delivered, or getting directions on our phones … AI is involved almost every step of the way.

More and more jobs demand an understanding of this process. Even if you don’t envision working in AI, you’re likely to use algorithms or results produced by artificial intelligence in a variety of careers.

No Computing Background Needed

Open to those without a computing background – Students in non-computing majors, such as liberal arts, can earn the Certificate in AI without taking additional prerequisites.


You can complete this certificate entirely online.

Apply credits towards B.A.

The certificate completes a portion of the Bachelor of Arts degree in Artificial Intelligence.

Professional Certification

Two of the AI elective courses allow you to earn additional professional/industry certifications:

  • Rasa AI Assistant Developer Level-1
  • AI Conversational VideoBot Developer-L1
  • Rasa Advanced AI Assistant Developer


AI is increasing in sectors from health care, research and marketing to manufacturing, transportation, and more. Acquiring AI knowledge and skills prepares you for what’s to come and is a valuable asset to employers.

Students who earn this certificate can work as:

  • Artificial intelligence specialist
  • Business intelligence analyst
  • Cloud engineer
  • Data scientist
  • Machine learning engineer

Certificate Requirements

You can complete the certificate in three semesters, online or on campus. You’ll take five courses to earn your 16-hour certificate:

  • AII -I 100 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence – 3 credit hours
  • AII-I 200 Introduction to Data Science – 3 credit hours
  • AII-I 300 Collaborative Human-AI Systems What to expect – 3 credit hours
  • One programming course  4 credit hours. Select from:

A C- or higher is required for all courses. Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA.

This plan of study is subject to revision.

Getting started

You can earn this as a stand-alone certificate, or as part of an undergraduate degree. To get started, you’ll need to be admitted to IU Indianapolis as an undergraduate student.

Current students

Contact your advisor to add this certificate to your major.

New students

You will need to apply to IU Indianapolis as an undergraduate student.