Employer Career Fair Registration

The Luddy Indianapolis Career Fair is the top recruiting events for technology majors at IU Indianapolis.

While most attendees are students majoring in Luddy Bloomington and Luddy Indianapolis, any IU Indy student whose coursework, skills, and interests make them a good fit for a career in technology is welcome to attend.

Our programs

Luddy Indianapolis is proudly home to diverse programs. The majority of the attendees at the career fair include the following programs:

Undergraduate degrees: Artificial Intelligence, Biomedical Informatics, Computer Science, Data Science, Health Information Management, Informatics, and Media Arts and Science.

Graduate degrees: Bioinformatics, Computer Science, Data Science/Sports Analytics, Health Informatics, Human Computer Interaction, and Library and Information Science.

Women in Tech Networking Brunch

Luddy Indianapolis will be hosting a Women in Tech Brunch as part of the 2024 Fall Technology Career Fair. The brunch is designed to allow employers to connect with female-identifying students and will require an additional fee to attend. However, due to limited space, only 9 companies will be able to participate.